The Meaning of The Phoenix

Throughout our collections, the iconic phoenix motif can often be spotted, having been carefully embroidered onto our garments. The Phoenix, or ‘feng huang’ as it is known in Chinese, is a crucial symbol in Chinese culture and the symbolism behind it emboldens our clothes. It is believed that the bird only appears in areas or places that are blessed with utmost peace, prosperity and happiness - we hope that these feelings are universalised across our garments as we strive to make clothes that not only look beautiful, but make the women who wear them feel beautiful.

Depictions of the ancient bird have appeared in China for over 8000 years. Originally phoenixes were shown in pairs with the male (‘feng’) and the female ('huang’) facing each other, but as time progressed the two were fused into one and the name became ‘Fenghuang’, in reference to a single phoenix. As a result of this combination of masculinity and femininity, the bird is said to embody yin and yang, a balance of energies. The Phoenix was further ingrained into Ancient Chinese culture by the famed philosopher Confucius, who used the five colours of the phoenix’s feathers (black, white, red, green and yellow) to represent the five virtues : the virtue of compassion, the virtue of honesty, the virtue of knowledge, the virtue of faith and the virtue of manners and integrity. Values which, at SKYLENCE, we hold as integral to our brand DNA. The phoenix motif has stayed relevant in Chinese culture up to the modern day and can often be seen in decorations for weddings, celebrations or for royalty across Asia. Often the phoenix is shown alongside a dragon, the phoenix representing intelligence and beauty and the dragon representing strength and bravery - another yin and yang metaphor

With such deep cultural relevance and such romanticised and important symbolism, the Phoenix was something we knew we had to include in our pieces. The bird can be found in pieces such as the Regency Phoenix Skirt, whose stunning red and gold embroidery, mixed with ornate needle work creates an alluring design. Check them out here.

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Have absolutely loved reading this article. We decided to name our son Phoenix as I’ve always loved the idea of being born into a name of worth and power. The picture of a Phoenix rising out of the ashes and over coming all adversity. Like Jesus I guess. Have really enjoyed learning about how you describe the Phoenix. A bird that always carries peace with it. Beautiful. Thankyou!

Charlie Fleet May 21, 2021

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