SKYLENCE is Timeless

As a brand that centres around the celebration of women and utilises a deep cultural history where East meets West in our designs, the idea of combining our beautiful and timeless designs with some of fashion’s most iconic, historical photographs felt like a natural one. With the pictures including titans of style such as Audrey Hepburn and quintessential images of 1940s haute couture, being featured alongside these perfectly embodies the brand we have built. Featured in the campaign include our beautiful Lily Tea Dress in luxurious purple, our Qiaochu Embroidered Peacock Dress, our Derling Embroidered Trousers, our Yanxi embroidered Coat and our expertly crafted Regency Phoenix Skirt.

Utilising old fashion photographs is symbolic of the qualities that SKYLENCE as a brand perpetuates and embodies. One of those being our excellent production and garment construction, it is certainly a rarity these days to have well-made, beautiful and stylish clothes with ornate embroideries and skills compared to what it was like in the times of Dior and other great couturiers, yet at SKYLENCE we firmly believe in providing these to the modern customer. As a consequence, our designs are of an impeccably high standard with the result being timeless and versatile so they can be easily added to your capsule wardrobe, making them as sustainable as possible and also to reflect the busy life of the contemporary SKYLENCE woman.

Encapsulated in this campaign is the message that SKYLENCE and the SKYLENCE woman are both timeless. Accentuating their elegance, pose and beauty in doing so. We hope you love looking at these images as much as we loved making them and seeing our designs reimagined in a different time!



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