Year Of the OX

With SKYLENCE being a brand rooted in Chinese inspiration and culture, we welcome the fast approaching Chinese New Year as a time to focus on family, charity and new beginnings - things that we as a brand promote and support.

2021 is the 'Year of the Ox', which starts on February 12th and ends on January 31st, 2022. The Ox is the second of the 12-year zodiac cycle, with the last 'Year of the Ox' falling in 2009.

It is believed that the place of the Ox in the zodiac signs was set by the Jade Emperor, who placed the zodiacs in order of the arrival of the 12 animals. As the myth goes, the Ox would have been the first animal if it had not stopped to help the rat who later tricked him, allowing the rat to arrive first.

The Ox is an important animal in Chinese culture, as we see it as hardworking and reliable because of its role in agricultural work. Oxen are honest and kind, just like the Ox in the myth when he helped the rat. This zodiac represents those who are logical thinkers and often turn out to be excellent leaders. If you are a woman born during the 'Year of the Ox', your zodiac sign predicts you to be gentle and driven with a stubborn disposition. 

To celebrate the Year of the Ox, we thought we would share a few of our favourite SKYLENCE pieces. Red symbolises ‘good luck’ in Chinese culture, and you can find it everywhere during Chinese New Year, and in our favourite SKYLENCE pieces. 

Our Han Emperor and Han Empress coats embody the spirit of the new year. They feature the traditional Chinese dragon that symbolises strength and power.

Our Regency Phoenix Skirt is the perfect piece to wear while celebrating the New Year as it blends a western silhouette with the oriental phoenix print.

Are you looking for something more regal? Our red Yanxi EMB Coat features embroidered magnolia flowers around its collar and is an elegant choice for any professional woman who embodies the values of the hardworking Ox.

Our newly-released Yuanman Cashmere Jumper is understated elegance meets oriental design, with ‘Yuanman’ meaning happiness, joy, and a sense of fulfilment, all the things we wish for the new year. This feminine jumper is the ideal piece to wear while celebrating Chinese New Year. We hope that wearing this cashmere jumper brings you all the happiness you strive for each day in the brand new 2021!

Happy Year of the Ox! 牛年大吉!


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