Chinese New Year

With SKYLENCE being a brand rooted in Chinese inspiration and culture, we welcome the fast approaching Chinese New Year as a time to focus on family, charity and new beginnings - things that we as a brand promote and support.

The story behind Chinese New Year starts with a mythical called The Nian attacking and eating villagers in the dead of night. One year, the villagers decided to hide from the Nian but an old man called Yanhuang decided to face the beast and seek revenge - all the villagers thought he was crazy. The old man put up red-papers and set off fireworks to scare off the beast. When the villagers returned, expecting to see their village destroyed, they were shocked to find that the old man had discovered the Nian could be scared off using loud noises and the colour red. Accordingly, to commemorate this, during Chinese New Year people wear red clothes, decorate with red scrolls and paper and set off lanterns and fireworks.

For the SKYLENCE woman, her clothes act as a metaphor for the fireworks and red papers - we make garments that will empower women to fight any obstacle that comes into their lives, even the Nian!

Here are some of our favourite selections for Chinese New Year. We hope you like? 

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