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With SKYLENCE priding itself in making beautiful workwear for women - so we know what looks and feels flattering and comfortable. We take inspiration from the classic feminine tweed suits of Chanel but our workwear come at a more accessible price-point and in an array of colours with our signature twist of Chinese influence. Our coats, blazers and suits feature beautiful embroideries, hand-made button knots, chic mandarin collars and often utilise luxurious silks, as China is famed for. Through a combination of iconic tweed, feminine silhouettes and a twist of inspiration from Imperial Chinese costume, our elegant and popular workwear were born.

Add a SKYLENCE garment to your workwear for a touch of elegance - whether it be putting one blazer on over a dress for work or with jeans and T-shirts for a touch of casual glamour, the versatility of the SKYLENCE workwear elevates any outfit. 

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