Celebrate Female Entrepreneurship

We had a ‘pinch me’ moment when SKYLENCE joined forces with Sovereign Collective for their first London pop-up. We’re proud to be a brand stocked by Kelly Rutherford’s ‘Sovereign Collective’.

It was a celebration of female entrepreneurship, with Kelly Rutherford sharing her journey into business and showcasing female-founded fashion brands, like SKYLENCE.

July 13th was the launch night of the Sovereign Collective pop-up in London, with Kelly and her business partner, Molly, in attendance. We all know Kelly as Lily van der Woodsen, the formidable Upper-East Sider in Gossip Girl who has become the textbook definition of the 'Birkin Mom'.

Kelly has now swapped the silver screen for fashion with Sovereign Collective. She kick-started the launch event by giving us all an insight into her journey into entrepreneurship.

Like most of female entrepreneurs, Kelly grew up interested in business, always dreaming of a day that she’d have a ‘lightbulb’ idea. Her entrepreneurial dreams took a backseat when acting entered her life, but the interest never disappeared.

What is Sovereign Collective?

After being introduced to Molly, the pair came together to create ‘Sovereign Collective’. It takes a new approach to traditional fashion boutiques by curating designers by their cities.

Whether you’re channelling a Manhattan moment, a Parisian adventure, or a London lady, Sovereign Collective embraces the global nature of fashion. Kelly and Molly search for brands that capture the essence of these cities, blending contemporary trends with the culture at their hearts.

It’s how they came across SKYLENCE. A female-founded brand that acts as a love letter to the East, while embracing the classic English sensibility with sophisticated silhouettes.

They’ve even nicknamed us 'Cultured Attire'. We feel right at home at Sovereign Collective!

The London Sovereign Collective Pop-Up

The Sovereign Collective pop-up was a chance for our founder, Skylence Tianmo Zheng, to catch up with Kelly and Molly in person. There’s an instance between female entrepreneurs. We all know the struggle of bringing an idea into reality and the trials and tribulations of being a woman in business.

We loved connecting with Kelly and Molly to help them celebrate the success of Sovereign Collective and fellow female entrepreneurs. It was also a chance to meet other independent brands that make up the London segment at Sovereign Collective.

Kelly Rutherford in SKYLENCE

The cherry on the cake? Kelly wearing a SKYLENCE jacket when we met up with her! If only Gossip Girl was still on TV today…



Seeing Kelly wearing one of our SKYLENCE jackets was a milestone moment. You can’t scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok without spotting Kelly. She’s one of our style muses – and we’re happy to call her a friend of SKYLENCE.

Our designer Skylence is wearing the Oriental Myth Skirt

We’ll be adding Kelly in her SKYLENCE jacket to our next Pinterest fashion board. The actress turned entrepreneur will always be one of our favourite business partners.

If Kelly has taught us anything with Sovereign Collective, it’s that it’s never too late to chase your childhood dreams. The sky’s the limit!

Find out more about Sovereign Collective and shop Kelly’s favourite SKYLENCE pieces here.

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