Introducing QiaoChu (The Symbolism of Peacocks)

At SKYLENCE, we love to share our culture and heritage with our community. Everything from our silhouettes to design names is inspired by the things most important to us. Our ‘QiaoChu’ range is a love letter to our heritage and a special nod to our founder Skylence’s best friend who consistently inspires her since the beginning of this fashion journey. Each piece incorporates peacock feathers, a symbol of Chinese nobility and beauty.

We’re sharing the inspiration behind our ‘QiaoChu’ range and the deeper meanings behind our designs, including the symbolism of peacocks in Chinese customs. With pieces like our ‘QiaoChu Peacock Dress’ and ‘QiaoChu Cashmere Jumper’, you can carry a piece of Chinese culture with you wherever you go.

Meet 'QiaoChu'

'Qiao’(翘) 'Chu'(楚) is a name that orientates from the Ancient Chinese poetry of the Zhou Dynasty (1055 – 771BC). The word ‘Qiao’ is linked to worshipping, rising, and being uplifted – with links to good fortune and opportunity. They reflect the way a peacock gracefully moves when opening its tails – as though rising to the sun. The word ‘Chu’ means seeing the world with beautiful clarity – understanding its challenges while not losing sight of what makes it special.

Flash forward to today, and the word ‘QiaoChu’ is used to describe someone who is a natural born leader with an extraordinary talent. ‘QiaoChu’ perfectly sums up the SKYLENCE woman and our community of empowered women who uplift each other.

The Meaning of Peacocks in Chinese Culture

Within Chinese culture, the peacock is seen as the earth-form of the heavenly phoenix – one of our Twelve Symbols of Sovereignty. Peacocks have been synonymous with Chinese Royalty for centuries, dating as far back as the Warring States Period of 476BC. These feathers would be fashioned into fans to be used behind the King’s throne.

The peacock is widely seen as the symbol of the Ming Dynasty. It represents dignity, nobility, beauty, and power – the attributes of every Skylence woman.

The most special peacock of them all is those with 100 eyes. They’re seen as the symbol who Chinese mythology claims helped those who suffered by transforming evils into beauty. In this sense, the peacock becomes a protective talisman that represents holiness and purity.

Incorporating the Peacock Into Your Closet

How can you add a touch of Chinese culture to your closet? With our QiaoChu collection! You explore our QiaoChu Edit here – but we’re sharing some of our favourite pieces and how to style them below.

Our ‘QiaoChu Embroidered Peacock Dress’ is the perfect choice for a black-tie event or special occasion, blending a Western silhouette with intricate peacock detailing.

Prefer something more understated? Our ‘Short-Sleeved QiaoChu Embroidered Peacock Dress’ is a feminine midi-length style that will take you from afternoon tea to a trip to the theatre.

One of our favourite ways to incorporate the peacocks into your weekend closet is with the ‘Qiaochu Embroidered Maxi Skirt’. Its pink belt adds a pop of colour, whether you’re styling it with a silk blouse or a basic white t-shirt. Prefer a fit and flare? Try our ‘Qiaochu Midi Skirt’ instead.


Two of the most versatile pieces in our Qiaochu Edit include our Embroidered Cardigan and Cashmere Jumper.


Embrace your inner heavenly phoenix and put your best foot forward in our Qiaochu Edit!

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