5 Spots in Paris that Skylence Fell in Love With

It’s official. Paris holds the key to our heart. The fashion capital has a way of capturing your imagination, offering a new muse around every corner. It’s a city you can truly lose yourself in and leave with a new perspective on life.

Our Creative Director Skylence was in Paris in early March. So we asked her to share her 5 favourite places in Paris that will inspire her future designs and deserve a spot on our Parisian bucket list. 

1. La Maison du Roy

The beauty of Paris is that you never know what you might stumble across. The city is full of hidden treasures, with La Maison du Roy being one of its best-kept secrets. The store claims to have been a favourite boutique of none other than Marie Antoinette. This antique shop was just a stone’s throw away from our showroom and packed full of French history. It’s the perfect spot to visit for a souvenir of your Parisian adventure.

2. Centre Pompidou

You might be getting your first taste of Europe through the lens of Paris. Centre Pompidou is at the heart of Paris’ cultural scene and a museum I can’t wait to revisit on future trips. It’s home to modern and contemporary art from all over Europe. The Centre Pompidou is a cultural machine perfect for a quiet afternoon in Paris.

3. Imiza

After falling head over heels for La Maison du Roy, I found myself seeking out boutiques with a similar feel. The kind of boutiques that feel as though they’re a part of Paris with France’s history seeped into its DNA. I stumbled across this perfume shop near Notre Dame and fell in love with its fragrances. It’ll always remind me of my time in Paris.

4. La Galerie Dior

Need I say anything more than “Dior”? Step back in time and behind the curtain of Christian Dior. It’s an experience guaranteed to give you a new appreciation for haute couture. I was pinching myself seeing some of my favourite Dior designs in the flesh.

5.  Hotel Balzac

Meet my Parisian home away from home – Hotel Balzac. It’s a classic European hotel that puts the city’s most famous sights right at your doorstep. Step out onto your terrace for a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower and get your Insta-worthy pictures.

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